Living in university accommodation.

I’ve been living in university accommodation for around two months now, it doesn’t seem that long, but alas it is. It’s been two months full of mixed emotions. Moving in was a whirlwind, a lot of hello’s and goodbyes and it has been a whirlwind ever since. For the first week it was hard to get used to. Living with 4 other people, whom I didn’t know that well was difficult. I had lived in the same house with my family for 20 years. My flat mates and I sat down every day at meal times for the first few weeks. But then that stopped. University work took over, understandably. We don’t talk that often now, which is a shame and we hardly see each other. That’s the down part of university accommodation. I remember the first night there; we had over 20 people in our flat. Now that’s stopped too. I know work is important, of course, that’s why I came to university, but talking to your flat mates is important too, right?

We share a kitchen, which is pretty big. One fridge and one freezer, lot of cupboards and a dining table. Pretty posh if you ask me! We also have a mini-fridge in our room, which is handy for that cup of tea or chocolate! (I like eating cold chocolate!). We have our own room and have an en-suite bathroom. No bath unfortunately, which is one of the things I miss! I’m glad I have my own bathroom, I would never complain about the size. I’d rather have a small bathroom than share a toilet and a shower room with other people…too many horror stories that I know of.

Having my own room, to decorate in my own way, is one of the good parts of university accommodation. It reflects me and what I want my university experience to be like. I have my Fresher’s week band on my notice board, but it doesn’t really hold much meaning. My photos of my family, my dog and my boyfriend do hold a lot of meaning. They hold memories of good times. I hope to add more photos of my time at university too, but none so far. I have my books and my organised files and of course my wall planner, diary and calendar. I’m a logical person, so my room isn’t imaginative in the slightest. I like simplicity and my room reflects that. I have my Buddha statues and my stuffed animals which comfort me.

My decision for next year is to move out of university accommodation. I don’t know if I’ll move out with some of my course mates or my boyfriend, we shall have to see. But all I know is university accommodation while being shared, feels like I live on my own, but for now that’s the way I like it.


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