10 Reasons why I love Sunderland University and the city.

Here are ten short reasons why I love Sunderland University and the city of Sunderland (having only been here 7 weeks!). These are not in order!

1. The city. It is so diverse and multicultural! And has the Bridges shopping centre, bowling, lots of restaurants and faith buildings!

2. The course content is brilliant. We have foundation modules in the first year and build on our knowledge in the second and third year.

3. The lecturers. They are really supportive and approachable.

4. The library. It is full of books! Though I can’t always get the ones I need, the staff are there to help!

5. The opportunities that the university has! You can study aboard, learn a language, be mentored, participate in awards and many more! There are a lot of things I can do to better myself for when I graduate.

6. The accommodation I’m in is great. It’s spacious and it feels like home already. The staff that come and clean our communal areas are very friendly and we have a shop on our doorstep!

7. The food facilities! There is a lot of choice! Being a student, you need to learn how to cook! However there are a lot of places to go and eat on both campuses, if you can’t be bothered to make your own!

8. The opportunities within the city! There are a lot of places for part time work, volunteering and internships! The world is your oyster though!

9. The student support! We can get help on anything we need, from academic problems to nonacademic problems to do with accommodation etc.

10. The diversity of students within the university. We have a mix of students within the university. There are a lot of mature students and international students too which is nice, you gain more knowledge and experience!

I can’t really speak for the nightlife but I know there are some great bars and clubs! The city is close to Newcastle too and the metro centre so what more could you want?! (Is that 11 reasons?…probably).


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