Countdown Begins. It’s real now.

So I got my first Social Work Law book through the post this morning and it dawned on me, I’m moving away from home, starting my degree and beginning the start of my career in 9 days. We are now down to single figures. Over the past few weeks I’ve wanted the day I move out to come pretty fast, that was because I was filled with 100% excitement. Now it’s getting closer I’m feeling nervous, anxious and scared! I’m going to be moving 2 hours away from home, living with 4 people I don’t really even know yet and gaining some independence. I’ll be starting my degree in Social Work and there is no going back, not this time. It’s a frightening time for all Fresher’s once the buzz of results day and buying things wears off. I’ve really just come off the “buzz” now, this morning.

I’m dreading leaving home now as well as excited. It’s hit me that I’m leaving the place I’ve grown up in for 20 years and the feeling that I may not come back to live here is one that is filled with happiness (because I want to move on in my life and start my career) but also sadness because I’ve spent my whole life here and am the person I am today because of the experiences I have had here. I don’t want to leave my dog, or my family, I don’t want to pack my life up but it is something I must do and something I’ve wanted to do since I was little (go to university).

Why have I got these feelings now? I have a feeling these feelings are going to get worse over the coming days as the realisation hits me more and more. Over the next week or so I’ll be buying more things for my flat and getting my stationary and most importantly packing my little life up into boxes ready for Saturday 13th.

I’m still excited of course! I get to meet new people and I’m joining a few societies too hopefully. I’m also looking into doing the universities language scheme so I can pursue French on top of my degree, but we will have to wait and see. I hope to blog everyday from when I move in till well whenever my journey ends…which may be at the end of university or possibly when I’ve gotten where I want to be in my career, who knows?

I hope you can follow my journey each step of the way!

Countdown: 9 days to go!



  1. You have such an adventure ahead of you! It is a crossroads for you, but it is so important to do these things: learn new skills, learning to live with other people who aren’t your family, learning to live independently (and you will succeed!). It is hard to contemplate the changes, but once you are at uni you will be so busy getting on that time will fly. And you will love learning from your new courses and meeting like-minded people. It will be a honour to follow your adventure here!


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