My first year at college and starting the search!

I started my college course in September 2012. I was apprehensive as I thought I would be the oldest one in the class. I walked in to the college on the first day, not knowing what to expect. I met my tutors and we had an ice breaker session with all of the students. We also had a talk from second year students on some advice for our first year.

I enjoyed my first day at college and quickly got on with my modules. I knew that I wanted to work hard and get the top marks at the end of the course. I achieved my first distinction in my first unit and that spurred me on for the rest of the year.

I finished with a D* in my first year and was allowed to carry on to the second year!

I had a meeting with a children and families Social Worker on that day and she asked what my next steps were. At that point I hadn’t given any thought to what I wanted to do. She asked me to look into areas in Health and Social Care and to give her a call if I wanted to discuss anything. I asked her about her job and was instantly interested. I had grown up being surrounded by social services all my life and wanted to help people. When she left, I rang her and thanked her. As of June 2013, my journey to becoming a Social Worker began.

In June 2013, I decided to order prospectuses from every university in the UK that did an undergraduate degree in Social Work! I must admit I would not recommend it! My postman was not very pleased with me! Though I secretly liked having post waiting for me after a long day at college! I looked through the prospectuses and decided which courses and universities I liked, which ones I was unsure of and which ones I didn’t like. I looked at my piles at realised I had 5 in my like pile. Rather than looking through my unsure pile, I trusted my instincts!

I decided to register for the open days at the five universities and the search began!



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