Why I chose to do Social Work.

I have a post on this site which talks about why you should go into social work and how to answer the question “why do you want to do a social work degree?”. I’ve explained some of the reasons why people go into social work, but I’ll explain my reasons.

I wanted to do Social Work out of all of the other health and social care/helping professions for a few reasons. I have a passion for helping people, I get satisfaction out of knowing I have helped one person. That’s one of the reasons I have written this blog. Other health and social care professionals help people and most professionals in Health and Social Care have a passion for helping people, so why did I specifically pick social work?

I have come into contact with a lot of social workers throughout my life, in my childhood, as a teenager and as an adult too. I’ve seen the good that social workers can do and I’ve seen the bad that social workers can do too, as some actions can have a negative impact on a family. I’ve been on the service user side and now I want to give back to the profession and use my experiences, good and bad to help people in similar situations. I have experienced some of the vulnerabilities that people can face when they are in contact with social services either personally, myself or have watched family members experience vulnerabilities, such as having a disability, having a mental health problem or misusing alcohol. Having experienced a lot of areas of social work, I feel I am more inclined to go into an area I am familiar with and would enjoy working in, though I am still going to keep my options open whilst on the degree.

In terms of the degree itself, I have looked into the course and know that I will enjoy every aspect of the course, the law, the psychology, the sociology aspect. I enjoy learning and like to put my learning into practice on placements, so this course is perfect for me!

I’ve always wanted to go to university, since I was a little girl. Wearing the hat and the gown was always a goal of mine. I was brought up on the motto “Education comes first”, which is something I really believe in. I have always wanted to stay in education as long as I can, so having CPD as part of the social work career is a bonus for me. I’d eventually like to do my Masters degree and hopefully a PhD to become a Doctor of…(who knows!). Though right now I’m focused on Social Work and the degree that I’m hopefully going to be doing in September 2014!




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