UCAS Track.

So you’ve applied for Social Work courses, UCAS has received your application and sent it to the universities/colleges you have applied for (scary stuff!).  You can’t use UCAS Apply anymore so it’s time for UCAS Track. This is the website application that let’s you manage your application in terms of choices and your information. This is also where universities and colleges will contact you about your application. They can let you know if they’d like to interview you, give you an offer or unfortunately decline you. On results day this is also the way in which they will confirm your place on the course! You can withdraw choices/your whole application and can also view your Apply application but it cannot be changed – see UCAS for more information!

You receive “decisions” from universities/colleges in the form of offers or rejections. You can receive a conditional offer (meaning you need to meet certain requirements – this would normally be grades and references along with a DBS check and a health check). You can receive an unconditional offer if you have met the above requirements. Or you can receive a rejection. This may be for individual reasons so I’d recommend contacting a university/college who rejects you for feedback!

Once you have received all of your decisions from universities/colleges you can choose your firm choice and your insurance choice. Your firm choice is the university/college you mostly want to go to – your first choice and your insurance choice is your second choice university/college, the one you would not mind going to if you did not meet the requirements for your firm choice. If you hold NO offers or want to decline all of your offers you can enter Extra. See UCAS for more information on Extra.

Lastly on results day, you can see if you have been accepted by your firm university/college or if you’ve been accepted by your insurance because you haven’t met the requirements for your firm choice. It also let’s you know if you have been unsuccessful for both your firm and insurance. If this is the case you can enter Clearing. See UCAS for more information on Clearing.

Good luck with your application and remember there are other options for getting onto a Social Work degree.


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