The Start.

As you may already know, to apply to university for Social Work, you need to apply through UCAS – the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service. This website will be at your beck and call for most of the admissions process, whether you have questions on personal statements, tracking your application or what to do if you don’t get a place. It’s an easy process (in my opinion) once you get used to it. Your school or college should give you a tour of the site, to show you how it works, if not then just type “UCAS” into Google and you’ll be able to find your way from there! Independent students who aren’t applying through a school/college, I recommend looking at the UCAS site.

You start your UCAS application for Social Work in September, the year before you want to start your degree (If you are deciding to defer your entry then you will be able to state you want to gain a place at university in 2 years i.e. applying September 2013 for entry in September 2015). You can normally apply from the beginning of September and applications close in the middle of January, so there is no rush but it’s best to be quick, so you can put your mind at ease and so you can get your application in early. There is normally an influx of applications to universities around the December time because of the deadline, so if you want your application to be seen quickly, send it before December!

You complete your UCAS application by putting in your personal details, education, finance details and probably the most important part, your PERSONAL STATEMENT. (more about that later). After all of this is done, your school, college or another person adds your reference. Then your application can be sent to the universities you are applying to! It’s then a waiting game.


  • Complete your UCAS application carefully, you can make changes later to your personal details, but you can’t change your personal statement.
  • Enter all of your details correctly – especially your qualifications as these are looked at by the universities.
  • Be mindful about where you want to study. Don’t just put a university in to fill up your application. You want to give yourself the best chance possible, so apply realistically.
  • If you have an questions regarding your application, ask UCAS as they are there to help! You can phone them directly or contact them on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Talk to family, friends and people at school/college to get some advice. If you know people who have applied to university, not just for Social Work then ask them how they found the process, ask if they can help.
  • It is not a daunting process, it’s by far the easiest part.

Good luck in completing your UCAS application. 🙂


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