A few months back I wrote a post about having mental health problems and how despite them I was determined to go into journalism. Don’t worry that hasn’t changed! Now if we move to now I’ve come to realise that training to be a journalist has actually helped my mental health problems in so many ways. For a start,  journalism […]


It’s that time of year again; the time where we flock to the stationery aisles and shops alike to pick up our shiny new stationery. The stationery we think we need, but that we really don’t. But new stationery has to be bought to feel like we’re ready to go back to university, right (or is that just me?). It’s just an urge, you […]


Freshers week has begun – that means new first year students; and it also means that I’m 8 days away from starting the second year of my degree (eek!). But really it means it’s time to answer the questions about university that I’ve had over the past few months. Unfortunately I haven’t had a lot, but […]


Moving into the second year of my course, I know I’ve established a lot of contacts in different topics and geographically within the North East patch. Building up contacts is something that is reiterated a lot during the first year of your course – and so it should be because it’s one of the most important foundations to […]


Yes, I eventually have a decent amount of Real Techniques brushes and I’ve used them all long enough to tell you what I think of them! Where do I begin? Their softness? The grip factor? The precision? I just keep asking myself why I didn’t get these before I did. I must admit I didn’t think they’d […]

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Wow, it’s been a week since I last posted. I apologise for that; I’ve been super busy at university covering breaking news, reporting on events and so much more! But despite all of this I said one thing to myself this week – I’m proud of myself; proud of what I’ve done this week. But that’s not what this blog post is […]

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University teaches you lots of lessons from the very start; how to be more independent, manage finances and so much more! But you can actually learn a lot on your course too in the first year – you don’t just gain knowledge on the subject you’re studying but you learn what you should and shouldn’t do. Here’s ten lessons […]