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University teaches you lots of lessons from the very start; how to be more independent, manage finances and so much more! But you can actually learn a lot on your course too in the first year – you don’t just gain knowledge on the subject you’re studying but you learn what you should and shouldn’t do. Here’s ten lessons […]

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I don’t really think I have a “style.” I have my go to pieces of course, but I like to mix things up. I guess you can say a lot of people are like that though? So what makes me that little bit different? My clothes reflect how I really feel. I don’t dress a certain way all […]

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This week was an important week for hundreds of thousands of students across the country. On Thursday many of them got their university results which would determine whether they’d get into university. It’s a lot to deal with in itself. Some students collecting their results may be going into other things – apprenticeships, work or into further […]


A year ago today my life changed. I found out I’d be starting my journalism course – of course, it was for the better, but I didn’t really know for certain the impact it would have on me back then. A few months prior to that I was sitting in front of three people who I barely knew […]


Ah, it’s great to be back; blogging and home. As you may be aware I’ve been away on holiday for a while – and I haven’t blogged. I wanted to use today as a way to tell you why. I don’t even know where to begin. Let’s just say I’ve needed some “me” time. I’ve been volunteering a lot over the […]


Last week I shared the first part of the interview with Laura Darrall – the creator of the It Affect’s Me campaign. This week see’s part 2 of the interview – where I asked Laura a little more about the aim of her mental health campaign, why it’s important and about her rather big surprise! Here’s […]

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I’ve been a volunteer for a number of years – and have volunteered for a lot of different causes too. I’ve always volunteered whilst being a student, but what are the benefits of doing so – apart from the obvious reasons that it enhances your CV and helps you gain skills? Well here’s five benefits I’ve found from being a student volunteer. […]


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